Understanding Your Options with a VA Backed Cash Out Refinance

Cash Out Loan refinance

GoVA’s 100%  cash out refinance, or “refi,” allows veterans, active duty service members, and surviving spouses to qualify for a loan for up to 100% of the value of their home. If you’re a current or former military member (or their spouse) looking to diversify your wealth and tap into your home’s equity for extra funds, cash out refinancing could be a good option for helping you achieve your short or long-term financial goals.

Why consider a VA Cash Out Refinance?

As an eligible veteran, active duty service member, or surviving spouse, you have the opportunity to explore the options your benefits provide. With record-high home values, you can tap into that equity for the cash you need now. Let your money work for you!

Here are some cases where a 100% Cash Out Refi makes sense:

  • Increase your home’s value through renovations or additions
  • Diversify your wealth using your home’s equity
  • Obtaining cash to use for retirement
  • Decreasing your total monthly payments  by consolidating debt
Are you eligible for the 100% Cash Out Refi Program? 
  • Active Duty Service Member with at least 90 continuous days of service
  • A veteran who has been honorably discharged
  • Active service or six creditable years in the National Guard or Reserve
  • Surviving spouse of an eligible veteran
Are you ready to take advantage of high home values and refinance to your benefit? 

Our team is versed in VA Loans and benefits and is ready to help you get the cash you need and have earned with your VA benefits!

Our process is simple.
  • Our Loan Officers are standing by to help guide you through the process. 
  • We have a digital application process that makes this easy for you. You will complete the forms and submit the required documentation to process your loan.
  • Our team of experts will process your loan, submit it to underwriting and get approval.
  • Our team will finalize everything for your loan and prepare all documents for the closing attorney.  Once signed, you will have your cash!

Our team combines today’s technology with the personal guidance needed during the mortgage process, allowing for a smooth transaction and on-time closing. GoVA is proud to partner with TowneBank Mortgage, a Forbes top 10 bank. Together we focus on providing the knowledge, service, and confidence you need in your mortgage lender.

Are you a member of the military community? If so, you’ve earned these VA benefits, and the GoVA team is committed to being your partner in the path to homeownership and financial freedom. If you are ready to discuss a VA cash out refinance for your home, we can help you Get Started Here.

You served for us, let us work for you. 



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About Our Partnership with TowneBank Mortgage

At GoVA, we’re proud to partner with a lender that delivers peace of mind to those who have served and continue to serve our county. Together, GoVA and TowneBank Mortgage are committed to helping our military service members achieve their dreams of homeownership, as well as providing them with valuable resources along the way. As experienced lenders, TowneBank Mortgage understands the need for a quick and easy mortgage process, especially during life’s transitional moments. Headquartered in Norfolk, just miles from the world’s largest naval base, TowneBank Mortgage has had the honor of helping thousands of military families through their VA loan offerings. Their team is knowledgeable about VA products and the local market, and in-house operations allow them to respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner. Together, we can get you to closing in 30 days or less. Trust TowneBank Mortgage and GoVA loans to get you home.

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