Portable Career Ideas for Military Spouses

Portable jobs for military spouses

Guest Contributor & MilSpouse, Allison Hester

As a military spouse, frequent moves often mean leaving your job behind, adding to the stress of a military relocation. Fortunately, COVID opened the door to increased remote job roles, making it easier than ever to find a career you can take with you anywhere – even across the globe. Here are some ideas:

  • Writing, Editing, and Proofreading: As a writer, I have worked remotely for 20+ years. Jobs vary from highly skilled projects to simply responding to emails, and opportunities range from freelance to full-time remote with benefits.
  • Graphic Design, Photography, Video Editing, and Web Design: Do you have an eye for art? Businesses often need assistance with websites, design, and photo/video editing. Photography can be a bit harder to do full-time, but an online portfolio and a little marketing can work wonders. You can also submit your work to stock photography sites; the commissions are small, but they can provide residual income and exposure for your portfolio.
  • Marketing: The growth of social media, blogs, and email has created an increased need for companies big and small to keep up with marketing – and many companies are looking for military spouses to fill those gaps.
  • Education: Whether you are a full-time teacher, a substitute, or a tutor, the world needs educators – and a lot of teaching roles these days can be done remotely. Not an experienced teacher? Several online programs are looking for people to teach English as a second language classes. Check out sites such as Outschool and Cambly to learn more.
  • Transcribers and Translators: Can you type fast and accurately? Companies need help transcribing recordings onto paper, and again, the work is remote. If you know two or more languages, you are a hot commodity for companies that need materials translated into another language.
  • Bookkeepers: Are you a stickler for checks and balances? Many small companies need help with their books. Unlike accountants, bookkeepers do not require certifications or licenses and can easily manage books for out-of-state companies.
  • Virtual Assistants (VA): If you are organized and computer savvy, there are plenty of companies that need help with various administrative duties but do not have a physical office. This is where a Virtual Assistant can help – and the work is remote.
  • Customer Service: Big companies need large numbers of customer service agents, and many of these roles can be done from home.

Keep in mind that in addition to remote work, many large companies have facilities across the nation (and globe), which can make it easier to do the same type of work for the same corporation, only in a different location.

Need help building your skills or finding a job?

Qualifying Military Spouses can apply for the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship (MYCAA), which provides eligible military spouses up to $4,000 in financial assistance. MYCAA scholarships can be used toward various educational or licensing needs to help gain employment in a particular field.

If you are looking for remote work, sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Indeed can help you find opportunities. LinkedIn is a good place to provide information about your skills and let people know you are looking for work. LinkedIn Premium is offered free for one year to the military community. Finally, to learn more about portable career resources for military spouses, check out the resources on Military OneSource

Also, be sure to sign up for The Edge to access free employment resources like a resume analysis and consultation and a job search tool. The Edge is an online financial wellness platform offering interactive tools, personalized tips, webinars, and more. It is offered exclusively to the military community, and it is free.

About the Author

Allison Hester has been a Military Spouse for 25 years. Her husband, Michael, is full-time in the National Guard and spent two, year-long tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, starting when their two children were toddlers. Allison has been a professional freelance writer and graphic designer for 23 years.

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