Decorating Hacks for Military Housing – Tips from a Military Spouse

A military career can be incredibly rewarding, and like any other job, it has its pros and cons. Is it PCS season? Are you living on base already? Either way, you know your living situation can be temporary. Not knowing how long you’ll be stationed where you are now, or where you’re going next can be mentally taxing making it difficult to feel settled anywhere.  

So, what’s the point in spending money and time decorating your military housing if the above statements are true? The point is because your military housing is home, no matter how temporary the location may be for now. Stop waiting for your permanent address to enjoy where you are right now. Today is the day to decide to give yourself the happy and cared-for environment you deserve!  

Here are some tips and tricks from our Client Service Advisor, Mia Trevino, on how to make your temporary military housing feel like home. Mia has been a military spouse for 4 years, making her well versed in decorating military housing!

Add Color Without Painting 

Our research shows a lot of on-base housing units come with white walls. If you don’t have permission to paint, or don’t want to paint (we don’t blame you), here are some great tips for adding color to your home!  

Look for a nice colorful set of dishware or other kitchen items to display on countertops, bringing a nice pop of color to your space. Houseplants are a great, and possibly our favorite way to brighten up a neutral color and infuse the area with some life! If you’re worried about a lack of green thumb, try starting with a few succulents or potted pothos. Trust us, they’re hard to kill.  

Another way to add color is through linens and/or textiles. Grab a bright patterned throw blanket and drape it on your sofa with a set of decorative pillows. This gives your space added texture for the ultimate cozy experience. When you think about it, there are a ton of ways to add color and distract from the fact that your walls are white. Once your brainstorming session begins, the options are endless!  

Create a Gallery Wall  

A gallery wall is a great way to cover an empty wall. Filling the space with photos of far-away friends and family is even more rewarding for your soul. If you’re a military spouse, this is also a great way to incorporate the awards and memorabilia your spouse has earned while serving. If you are restricted from creating holes in your walls, play it safe with Command strips or hooks, or Mia’s favorite option: Mixtiles. 

Map out your desired layout on the floor before you start hanging to get the right feel for your wall. Use a mix of photos of family, your hometown, awards, and even add some monogram lettering or other decor pieces. This will soon become your favorite wall in your home. 

Invest in Area Rugs 

The easiest way to accomplish adding texture or pattern to a space is through area rugs. We believe they are a great investment for any home with their ability to be rolled up and packed away nicely for your next move! 

Does your home have an open floor plan? An area rug can help you define the space. They’re ideal for living rooms, kitchens, or entryways and will take your design ability to the next level. Area rugs are also a great way to display your personal style.  

Easy Upgrades 

Sometimes, all it takes to brighten up a room (literally) is upgrading an outdated light fixture for a new one. You can also freshen up existing lighting with decorative bulbs and lampshades. Another easy upgrade idea is giving your current bathroom mirror a stylish frame or replacing the mirror entirely. Updating accent pieces like this can go a long way in elevating your space.  

Making Military Housing Your Home 

The trick to decorating your military housing is focusing on and emphasizing the good aspects of the space, and working around the not-so-good. Invest in items that really speak to your style and offer convenience. If you’re faced with limited options, color is your friend!  

In the end, this is less about temporary military housing and more about creating a comfortable living space for all members of your family. A coffee corner means so much more when your kitchen contains cookware you love, colors you are drawn to, and organized storage solutions.  

We hope these tips inspire you to feel great in the home you’re in right now.

GoVa’s mission is simple: we are devoted to being a trusted and credible resource for all members of the military community. You served for us, let us work for you.


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