Military Family Insurance Questions: What Changes After a PCS Move?

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The frequent moves that define the military lifestyle present unique challenges, and one aspect that often slips under the radar is the impact on insurance coverage. Do you need to change your insurance after a PCS move? In many cases, the answer is yes.  

From auto insurance to homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance, understanding the adjustments necessary after a PCS move is crucial for safeguarding your family. How can you find the best military family insurance policies if you’re new to a town or in a new state? Let’s explore the intricacies of insurance changes post-relocation and provide insights for military families seeking the best coverage. 

Auto Insurance and PCS Moves: 

A PCS move can absolutely mean major changes for your auto insurance. Each state has different variations in minimums and insurance requirements, which can leave you underinsured if not addressed. Notify your current auto insurance provider well in advance of your move. Ensure your coverage complies with local regulations. Let them know if you will now be parking your car in a garage, on the street, or if you need to make any other updates to your policy. Don’t forget to explore providers who offer military discounts to secure the best rates. 

Homeowner’s Insurance for Military Families: 

Owning a home as a military family makes you responsible for updating homeowner’s insurance after a PCS move. If you are buying a home, discuss insurance coverage with your real estate agent. In some locations, factors such as local climate, crime rates, and distance to emergency service influence premiums, which may factor into your monthly mortgage payments. Research local insurance providers, gather recommendations, and request quotes to compare coverage options. Look for military discounts that can enhance your coverage affordability. 

If you are selling a home, you’ll need to transition from a homeowner’s policy to a renter’s policy before your PCS move, so your items will be covered during transit.  

Renter’s Insurance for Military Families: 

For military families in rental properties, maintaining up-to-date renter’s insurance is crucial for financial security. As with homeowner’s insurance, rates and coverage specifics vary by location. Contact your current renter’s insurance provider to update your policy details for the new area or explore alternative options. Make sure your household goods will remain covered between the two locations. Compare quotes from reputable insurers and inquire about military discounts to optimize your coverage. 

Comparing Military Family Insurance Rates: 

To get the best insurance rates, you have to shop around and compare options from different companies. Use online tools and resources to compare rates from various providers, focusing on customer service and financial stability. Insurance brokers focusing on military families can offer specialized assistance. Don’t forget to ask about military discounts, which can significantly impact your insurance premiums and overall savings. 

Whether it’s auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or renter’s insurance, each policy plays an important role in protecting your family. GoVA wants all military families to feel empowered to make the insurance choices that are best for YOUR situation. Wherever the military sends you, we have free tools to help you assess your insurance needs or learn more about insurance options.  

It’s all part of The Edge, our digital platform to help military families build financial strength! On The Edge, you’ll find modern technology that learns from your interests and money style so it can suggest relevant content and interactive courses to support you wherever you are in your financial journey. Membership to The Edge is free for service members and families, thanks to scholarships from our sponsors! 

When you are preparing for a PCS move and need to know more about military family insurance options, you can use any of the interactive courses and tools on The Edge for free. Sign up for a free membership to The Edge today!  

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