10 Favorite Fall Activities

Fall is the season for coziness, comfort food, and getting outside to enjoy the nature around you. It’s the perfect time to discover all the activities possible. The best part? So many of these activities can be done at no cost! 

We’ve created a list of favorite fall activities for you to explore!

Go for a Leaf-Peeping trip

Leaf peeping is an informal term used in New England to describe the activity of viewing and photographing the changing colors of fall foliage. This fun activity is also popular in our National Parks. Grab your friends and family, go for a drive, and take in some fall colors!


Discover what birds are native or migrating through your neck of the woods this season.

Try a new chili recipe

Chili is (in our opinion) one of the ultimate comfort foods. It keeps you full while making you feel warm and cozy. A big pot can last for days, another huge win! We found this recipe and think it’s worth the try. 

Plant seeds for the coming spring season

Plan a productive day of fall gardening! Choose seeds that will bloom in the spring and get a jump start on your landscaping. When spring arrives, you’ll be surprised and pleased, and your blooms greet you.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Is this an easy suggestion? Yes. Is it needed? Absolutely. Find a pumpkin patch in your area and pick your favorite! Or, if you’re up for a trip, here’s a list of some of the best patches in the United States.

Carve and decorate the pumpkin you picked

If you’ve never carved a pumpkin before, we’re happy to help guide you this year. Check out these unique ideas we found.

Roast pumpkin seeds

Since you’ve already picked and carved your pumpkin, it’s time to roast those seeds! Pumpkin seeds are a delicious and healthy fall snack. 

Take a scenic drive

Roll down your windows, turn up the music and go for a drive with your favorite people.

Have a scary movie watch party 

Whether you’re watching alone or with friends, a scary movie fest is always a good time. We found a list of favorites for you to choose from! 

Do a fall soup swap 

There’s nothing like a bit pot of delicious soup in the fall. The only thing that could be better is sharing with your loved ones! Here’s a list of recipes we think are worth trying! 

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